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Guru Nanak is one of ten primodial masters who graced this earth in the year 1469 A.D. In Sahaja Yoga we learn that Guru Nanak place in the subtle body is in the Bhavasagara or also known as the void. This is the area that surrounds the third chakra, the Nabhi Chakra.

Guru Nanak spoke of one religion and through his life was a true example of an universal being. Where ever he travelled, he took on the form of his surroundings, preaching the same message, but in the language of the local people. He was also known to perform many miracles. When you read his teachings you see clearly that he is speaking of vibrations, of the paramchaitanya. In this blog you will find these passages where he refers clearly to the Kundalini and refers to the vibrations.

Additionally Guru Nanak is known as the founder of the Sikh religion. Sikh actually means to learn. The Guru Granth Sahib which is the holy book of the Sikh religion contains much of the teachings of Guru Nanak. It also contains the teachings of the other Gurus of the Sikh religion which came after Guru Nanak. There are links on the side for more information.

Lastly, also posted on this blog are two puja talks from Shri Mataji on Guru Nanak. The talk of 1982 is really tremendous and an absolute must read.

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Guru Nanak's Prayer

"There is One God.
He is the Supreme Truth.
He, the Creator, is without fear and without hate.
He, the Omnipresent, pervades the Universe.
He is not born, nor does he die to be born again.
By His grace shalt thou worship Him.
Before time itself there was Truth.
When time began to run its course
He was the Truth.
Even now, He is the Truth
And evermore shall Truth prevail."

Songs of the Saints of India

From listening,
truth, fulfillment, knowledge;

From listening,
the virtue of bathing
in all the holy places;

From listening,
one gains a sense of worth;

From listening,
meditation arises;

Nanak says,
those who hear
flower forever;

From listening,
sin and sorrow

Guru Nanak Birthday Puja 1982

Every Sahaja Yogi has to become a Guru
01.11.1982, Nirmala Palace London

....the Primal Master is always placed in looking after our Void, in sustaining us, and giving us a model of an ideal master. And he always took birth either in the most difficult places like hills and dales and mountains, or they took places - which are even more difficult thing, among the people who were horrid, and who needed their help. So in India, that time somehow Punjab was regarded as the place where people did not respect God or traditional Hindu idols, or you can say the statues that were regarded as the vibrating ones. But they worshipped money (even now) and they worshipped power. And as at that time there was a King who was very anxious to convert people to Islamic Religion by giving them money, many were taking to Islam. As a result the Hindus started hating the muslims and a big hatred developed among Muslims and Hindus. That's how, in those circumstances where there was a quarrel going on between the followers of Mohammad and followers of Hinduism, Mohammad himself took his birth on this earth, though he had decided not to take any more births, he thought that it would solve the problem. Although, this incarnation is such that it never dies. Even if they leave the body, they are always around. And they are the ones who perform lots of miracles when any other incarnation comes on this earth. They help support and guide the seekers to go to the incarnations. So, to celebrate his birthday on such a date is also a myth, because he never died. He is eternally living. They never grow and they never die.

But his birth is important, because symbolically he came on this earth not to propogate any particular type of the void - as Mohammad did or say Moses did, and before that Abraham, Lao Tse, or Socrates - which followed into a religion. But he came to create amity - we can say, to create understanding, to create unity between religions. This was a very big step for Sahaja Yoga. After that as you know, he was born again - God knows where - no one knows where he was born, but he appeared as Shirdi Sai Nath. He too said the same thing, that to talk ill of any religion is a sin.

But these efforts are quite lost. Because the people who were Islamic at that time, or those who were Hindus, are now very great fanatics. So instead of them coming closer and loving each other they have become fanatics. Though we find that Islam is spreading so fast Sikhism is spreading very fast too. ..

Actually if you believe in God - nothing can be killed. But I think that Guru Gobind thought that he had to take it.

In all these prophetic religions, if you see, all the prophets who have spread all the religions, they were always attacked so badly that they had to take to weapons. Even in Islam they had to take to weapons to protect themselves. Now when these people took to weapons they had some discipline put on the people. Without the discipline nothing is possible. And very strict discipline was there for the Sikhs. Now today's Sikhs are no more Sikhs, they are just outside, and inside they are not. I would not describe all the strictness and discipline they had to go through. But every disciple has to go through a very severe disciplining of himself if he has to become the Guru. There is no doubt about it.

It is not that only somebody like Me comes and tells you do this do that, and next day you forget these things. It is very serious matter, one has to understand. You have got your realization through Sahaja Yoga Now you have become Sahaja Yogis. But still I would say you are not full Sahaja Yogis because every Sahaja Yogi has to be a Guru Otherwise he is not a Sahaja Yogi. First of all you are Yogis because you got your realisation. But Yogis are of no use, you have to be Sahaja Yogis. So you were told about all the chakras, every thing that you are doing, about all the problems of Kundalini how to cure them. Everything about it was told to you. Now you became, with that, a different type of a race, a different type of people, who are twice-born, who are born by the Spirit, not by the flesh. Remember that that's a very important point and which John has said. That you are born by the Spirit not by the flesh. Those who are born by the flesh are in flesh. But if you are born by the Spirit, that's how you are twice born. And when you know all about the Spirit and the Kundalini then you are a Sahaja Yogi. But unless and until you become Guru, you are not a full Sahaja Yogi.

So to begin with, we must understand that the Spirit is described as a Kala, a a phase of Moon, one phase of moon. But a Guru is described as the full moon - purnima -Guru Purnima. Guru is the full moon, it's not just a phase. So from one phase you have to go to the stage where you become a complete Guru. 16 phases there are altogether, and you have ro cross the 16 stages to become the Guru. Now how do we do it? We have to become extremely objective about it. How do we become the Guru? Because we have to become Gurus, no doubt. Now you cannot just say that, Mother you give us a tape and we'll learn by heart and we'll go on to another person saying blah blah blah blah blah. Same thing, whetever I've told you, or take my type and show them that this is our Mother, and She's like this and like that. But they will say alright She may be, but what about you. Sir ?

Now Sahaja Yoga has a 'very' big responsibility, which I don't think people understand. I wish they could listen to me very intensely and understand it. So far if you see. Gurus remained Gurus and no disciples became Gurus. They were still regarded as disciples of a Guru, whether it was fake or anything. They never became Gurus themselves. So there was no need for them to grow, they had to take the name of their Guru alright. Christ and his disciples, Mohammad Sahib had his own disciples. Nanaka had his own disciples, Shirdi Sai Nath had his own disciples. None of them became Gurus. But now it is in your lot, sorry to say, that you have to become the Gurus. It's a privilege, actually. It's a very great privilege to become the Guru. And to become the Guru, we must learn what we have to do. This also sometimes becomes just a lecture. I think so. Because I've already told you on Guru Purnima what are the 10 attainments we have to have.

Today all these 16 stages are to be seen, how we have to grow into a Guru.

First is, we have complete discipline put on ourselves. Nobody has to tell you. Like Mr Nick is attacked by everyone, No. you attack yourself. You become Mr Nick now. You have to make this body subservient to you, that is the first mastery. The mastery is that my body can sleep anywhere, it can starve itself, it can live under any circumstances, it dare not grudge. Anywhere; it should be able to sleep any time, it should be able to keep awake anytime. This body is to be mastered. Even if you read 'Ashtanga Yoga' first thing is mastery over the body, they say. So after realisation the first thing you have to do is master this body, and is the most difficult thing for western people; because the matter is sitting on their Spirit. First the Spirit has to come - first phase - at least the Spirit has to be there.

If you have to be the Spirit then thematter of moon has to be covered with that light. In the first phase we have to master our body. So what do we do to master our body ? First of all we must see that what are the things that drain out our bodily mastery. We must know all the crooks who try to master us.

So I have to first face my body. That first and foremost thing in Sahaja Yoga we learn that we have to respect our body. This is the first principle of respecting our body. Means indulgence is sinful to the body, because indulgence gives you a body which is no good: First of all you must respect your body so that you can master it. If I do not respect you, I cannot master you. So to master the body first of all respect your body. And to respect your body, you must look after your body very well. But no indulgence. That doesn't mean that you go and stand in the mud or rain for hours together or get exposed, to make your body absolutely sort of a abode for all the diseases and colds and coughs and things like that so your Mother suffers cleaning your vishuddhi! It's like a horse whose neck is down. So you must look after your body by hot giving it diseases. Laziness is against it. Persons who are lazy must know that laziness is against your body. Lazy people who are not bothered to dress up properly, to cover themselves up properly, look after their body properly, put oil into different screws that they have, to massage themselves. Look after the body, that's the point. To look after the body you must give some time, because this body is the temple of God. And now you have become the temple but if the temple is dirty, is sick, is unimpressive, is like a stick, or like a balloon, nobody is going to come near it. So try to improve your personality, that it has to be a beautiful temple. I mean, I have given you so many tips, that I think that in my lives' time I have not given so many tips, even as Guru. Because normally people who came to a Guru in those days were really, really great seekers. They would hang themselves upside down, just to please the Guru, for months together. So that was a very different quality people - but one or two. And when you have quantity quality goes down, I accept. But why not you people take it upon yourselves that we'll make our quality first class ? So first of all train up your body well. You must take some exercises in the morning, I have told you. That people sleep after breakfast I am told, I was amazed. I mean, this is too much. You see, God has given you this house as a blessing, to be more alert, to give His light to others. Instead of that if the candle is not even flickering what's the use. So what you have to do is to first of all brush up, yourself, completely. Make your body alright, alert. Actually at your age one should not sleep for more than six or seven hours, I tell you. No need. Six or seven hours of deep sleep is sufficient. I also, in the night I sleep about - never before eleven sometimes at twelve, Yesterday we slept at 20'clock, got up at 5. 30 as usual. So how many ? Three and a half hours sleep. And just now I slept for about at the most for half an hour or an hour or so finished. When you don't have to work, like me, in the sense that even when I sleep I am working. So to rest your body for such a long time you make your body sit on your head and it will be very very difficult for you to be alert. So first of all body must be looked after. There should be no self-indulgence. I mean it can go to any extent of self indulgence. Like people don't keep their rooms clean, their clothes clean, they have no activities - all these nonsensical things, only it is too low, too base to talk about; but it happens. People can go to any base limit - you know, that's the problem, what

to do?

On this full moon day one has to realize that on a full moon day you are over-active. As the moon starts growing the activity starts. In the night also. But none of you so far are active in the night except for me. But if you come up you will be surprised, even in your sleep you will be active. So first and foremost thing is that you must look after your body. The body should be presentable. And should not go with the so-called fashions of the day. It is very important. One should not go with the fashions of the day, and take to something which is nonsensical, which is not good for your appearance, which makes you look funny or very fashionable like a dandy person. We have to wear a dress which is in the centre, dignified, which is good.

Now I'm told that it is very difficult even to wake up in England. Somebody had told me, when I was young, that don't wake up an Englishman. I haven't tried that, even with a barge pole. I just tell you at this time, never in the morning time. Because I've been warned: never wake up an Englishman, that is the greatest sin on this earth! So why should the English be so much addicted to sleep! The whole country is sleeping today. They want more wages, more wages so that they can sleep more. Eat and drink, drink and eat in between, sleep. This is the three - programmed life. It was very difficult, from the very beginnig I saw Sahaja Yogis coming, in that to wake them up was difficult. And these are the same people who were known for punctuality that they won the war at Waterloo because of punctuality, and they were so punctual that people used to set their watches - even in America. They are the same people. Now the other side of it is that they sleep like log of wood. They used to sleep before also must be, because this is an old saying that. Don't wake up an Englishman. But I used to think something else about it why it is said, but it is nothing but simple laziness. So try to see why we sleep so much. If the left side is strong, people sleep. If the back Agnya is strong people sleep. If the front Agnya is working too much then people don't sleep. So even if I say, "Don't sleep", it mean that you put your right Agnya in working condition, that means you start thinking. Which is against Sahaja Yoga again. So it would be left agnya, right agnya, right agnya, left agnya, left agnya, left agnya, right agnya, left agnya... It will be going from one to another. So in the centre you have to be with Christ. He is alert every second of the day; killing; beating, hitting, curing, looking after, guiding. Twenty four hours a day. And go and ask any realized soul who is called as Avadhuta, the one who is a master, they will tell you they hardly sleep for three hours or four hours. Because they cannot work when they are sleeping, so they sleep for four hours, the rest of the time they are working: either they meditate and do things by projection, or they work with their hands. They are busy people, they are very busy. You have to be very busy people because now you are employed by God. And you have to do full justice to this employment by working hard. On the contrary you have seen that it is very easy to get lazy. So now, as many of you are already feeling sleepy, put your.... First thing should be for all those people who are lazy, is to put their right to the left seven times - let's have it. With the right hand....It's better? Now the back Agnya. Let's have it. Laziness is first. Shri Krishna was against laziness. Anywhere he got a chance he talked against laziness, Alasya. Now watch me. On the photograph you can do the same....Better now? Tonight we have to keep awake; it's a big problem. But don't sleep formally here. Alright ? Informally you can. Better ? Put your eyes, try Again. So the mastery should be, first of all, of your body. Say, you are sleeping on one side, you get a pain - then what do you do? You sleep on the other side. In the same way, this body is to be made immune to different shocks, you see. Like you put the watch in the water. You shock it with the water, so it is waterproof. So a Sahaja Yogi has to be an all-proofed person. So he has no place to complain, because he's supposed to be all-proof, you see. Anybody (Sahaja Yogi) who complains, you can say, "How are you complaining? Because you have to be all-proof." So no complaints of any kind, of Sahaja Yogis are to be accepted or sympathized. If you start accepting people who are complaining type you will be always busy looking after them, and you will be of no use to Sahaja Yoga. Those who have habits of complaininig and all that should .....

== be continued... other time ...... but, as usually the best is to watch the tape with this talk so there is place for no mistake (text/etc)


Guru Nanak Birthday Puja 1999

1999 - Noida house, India

Today is the birthday of Shri Guru Nanaka. It is being celebrated through-out the world with so much of zeal that I have not seen in India. For the first time it has been advertised in so many papers and by different means.

Guru Nanaka always talked of Sahaja Yoga. Everything else, he said, is just showing off. About religion he said that observing fasts, going on pilgrimage, etc., are just meant to show off. Now you have to discover the power that is within you and establish it. Guru Nanaka kept on repeating the same thing again and again. He never talked of rituals: But when Guru Teg- Bahadur came, war with Mohammadan Rulers was being fought. So he prescribed Kada (iron bangle), sword (kripan) to keep them in the state of preparedness. But Guru Nanaka always talked of the spirit. He explained it very clearly, but no one heeded what he wrote. They will just put a finger on the couplet and read it out. Could we understand him this way? If we go through his writings properly and absorb it, then the whole Shabad-Jalam (confusion), in which most of the people are caught, will come to an end. See the condition of Sikhs !

Without looking within and experiencing the innate energy, how could one follow Sikh religion? Only this is the teaching of Guru Nanaka, this is what is called `Sikh' (learning). All the saints of that age had the discretion to know who is a saint and who is not. All the Gurus incorporated their poems and experiences in Guru Grantha and that is why Guru Grantha is revered so much. Only the renowned Gurus contributed to it. They were so spiritual that they did churning of all the religious scriptures and put the substance in Guru Grantha.

That is what we do in Sahaja Yoga. We do not follow any particular saint or incarnation; we respect all of them and strike a balance. But all this was lost in words. People did not go deeper in them. That is why Kabira has written `even the scholars went on reading and reading like fools, without absorbing any thing That is how a race of fools was created. Now there is no war being fought but they are so conditioned that they will wear Turbans, keep swords and combs etc. But they have no objection in consuming Alcohol. All the Gurus warned the disciples about the evil effects of alcohol. Any one talking of consciousness could never support wine. On the .one side they will consume alcohol, on the other they wear turbans, keep swords and combs! Any way they wish to be part of that clan. This has affected their internal growth. They have taken to this kind of situation and as a result have become material beings. On material level they look to everything.

To transform these people, should not be difficult because we (Sahaja Yogis) are going by what the Gurus preached. Gurus could not give realization to people but we are giving realization. They talked of achieving `Sahaja Samadhi', but did not tell how. Who will raise the Kundalini? Guru Nanaka gave realization to only two of his disciples. One Guru giving realization to only two of his disciples! What could be the effect on the society? So people started worshipping him at external level.

Huge Gurudwaras were built. But there is no use. There are very few evolved beings, the remaining is just a race of Sardars. How could truth be told to them? But now Sikhs have started coming to Sahaja Yoga. I have seen many of them with turbans on. May be some of them are coming without turbans. One is Namdhari Sikh. There are many Namdhari Sikhs in Bankok. As many as fifty-sixty of them come to the Programme. They wear white turbans. I do not know what is their speciality, but they follow what Guru Nanak has said. That is how diversions are created and people start fighting amongst themselves. Guru Nanaka said that I am prophet of Mohammedans and Guru of Hindus. Until one is realized one cannot understand this. But it was necessary to prepare us for this day. Now it is our duty to work-out what they said. Things, however, went in opposite direction and many seekers were lost, no-one knows where!

I was talking about Gyan Deva,. He belongs to Nath cult. He wrote about Kundalini but his disciples call themselves varkaris They take two heavy cymbals in their hands, wear jute clothes and go to Pandhari Nath, Pandhar Pur. It takes them one month to reach there. They travel on foot and thus consider themselves to be very sacrificing. All the way they chew tobacco. These Varkari people have created this cult. They take procession of Gyan Deva on a palanquin. Gyan Deva never afforded shoes when he was alive, but people place his slipper, in the palanquin and take the procession from one village to another. Wherever they reach the villagers offer them food and refreshment. It is a new method of beggary. At the birth place of Gyan Deva and places like Pune and Niwase women grow Tulsi in heavy earthen pots, lift it on their heads and walk in procession to Anandi. This I have seen myself. People have made lot of money in the name of Gyna Deva. But I do not know what to do to stop it. All his purpose has forfeited. One fellow gives big big lecture on Gyan Deva, speaks whatever he feels like and there are people who listen to him with blind faith!

Same is the case with Guru Nanaka. No one knows what he actually said. People have made Chandigarh, Guru Nanaka talked of Chandi. He talked of my incarnation on the earth. He explained every thing. But no one cares for it. Most of the prophets and Gurus have been treated like that. Of course you people have experienced the truth. So you cannot accept the falsehood. Falsehood gets finished in Sahaja Yoga. So many people have got their self-realization in the world. No one could spread falsehood now. Whatever I have told in Sahaja Yoga is taped and recorded. No one could change it. People could listen to tapes, but they go on reading books without understanding. This is the reason I told them to have more tapes and get the books printed. Listening to the tapes will definitely have impact on their minds. People take book reading as a means of entertainment. What is the use of it? But now Sahaja Yogis have reached a level from where they cannot go astray. They will not have to adopt wrong things. That is what we have to learn from Guru Nanaka. Guru Nanaka said `know thyself? But what people are doing! However, in Sahaja Yoga such things will not happen since I have convinced all of them. They cannot change now. No harm could be done now; what has happened has happened. Reading scriptures and Church Book will have no beneficial effect. To awaken one's energy is the lesson that we have to take from Guru Nanaka. We, Realized beings understand Sahaja Yoga so deeply that now there is no need to draw any other meaning of it. Still there are people suggesting rituals. It is all useless. I have never said so, yet people are doing what I have never said. So now when they listen to tapes of my lectures and understand that Mother has not said it, why should we do that? But because of old Sanskara (conditioning) we keep on observing certain rituals.

So long as we do not get rid of our conditionings, we shall not understand real Sahaja Yoga. I have made you very special people. You know the real meaning of religion. You know every thing, you know about yourself and about others. You could give realisation to people. So now you have become perfect. So what is there to go astray now? You cannot fall.

So today I thought of the pains of Guru Nanaka. How much he tolerated! His wife was not cooperative at all. What people have made of his achievements? These people are misusing Lord Christ, Mohammad Sahib and, above all, Guru Nanaka because he was the last incarnation. Shirdi Sainath incarnated after him. Sai Nath was against all the rituals and conditioning because these are misleading. After awakening, things change of course. Realized people become knowledgeable. Without realization it is not possible. So Sai Nath did not organize. We have not organized too. We have no organization. People automatically get organized after awakening, the way different organs of the body are organized. So without any organization everything is going on immaculately in Sahaja Yoga.

I bless you all. You have to keep in mind that we have not to pervert what we have achieved. It is most sacrilegious. We don't have to pervert it, perversion should not be allowed.

May God Bless You.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Source of Life

Yogis Question

Kavan mul kavan mat vela

What is the source of life?
To what period belongeth thy system?
Who is thy guru of who thou art the disciple?
What gospel keepeth thee detached?
Tell us all this, my child.
Nanak Answers

Pavan armabh satgur mat vela

From the air orginated life;
My system belongs to the time of the true guru.

The true guru is the Word,
And the soul is its disciple.

What keepeth me in my detachment
Is meditating on the unutterable gospel;*

My master is the cherisher of the world
Age after age.

It is through the Word
That one realizes the gospel,
And the gurumukh quenches the fire of the ego.

Literal Translation

Pavan – air
Armabh – start
Satgur – who teaches the lessons ( system )
Mat vela – to become ( must ) lost in the joy

Note in this contenxt air is relating to vibrations.

Kundalini and Vibrations

Some other yogis question

So sabad ka kaha vas kathiale

Where does the Word abide
Through which one is ferried
Across the ocean of life?

What supports the air that travels
The distance of ten fingers
In exhaling?*

How is the invisible One to be seen,
Who sports, speaks and is dynamic
Within us?

Nanak Answers

Sun suami sach nanak pranvai

O Swami hear thou:
This is how I’ve tamed
My own mind.

I attached myself to the Word
Given by my master,
And through his grace
The Lord united me with Himself.

I then became all-wise, all seeing,
And through perfect good fortune,
I merged in the Lord.

The Word abides within us all,
And where ever one sees,
It is there.

The Lord is omnipresent as it the air;
He is everywhere in an artless art.
When He is merciful,
He makes one realize the Word within
And rids one of doubt;

His body and mind
Become pure as the Word,

In whose mind the Name
Has taken abode.
One swims across the ocean of life
Through the Word and the guru,
And he knows the One alone,
Both here and hereafter.

O Nanak,
He is known through the Word,
Who hath neither color nor sign,
Neither shadow nor type.

The true God is the support
Of the air that one outbreathes.
The gurumukh utters the Truth,
Which he churns within him,
For he has realized
The invisible, infinite Lord.

He eradicates the three attributes,
Enshrines the Word within
And rids his mind of ego.
And rids his mind of ego.

He beholds the One,
Both within and without,
And endears the Lord’s Name
To himself.

He knows of the path
Of sukhmana, ira and pingula,
For he has seen the invisible One.

O Nanak,
The true One is above all the three,*
The true guru
Makes one merge in the Word.

Ramkali, pp. 938-944
* The practice of traversing these three paths


The Yogis Question

Kui mul pachhanai atam janai

How is one to know the primal Being?
How can he realize his self?
How is the sun to enter
The house of the moon?

Nanak Answers

Gurmukh haumai vichoh khovai

When by the grace of his master,
One rids himself of his ego,
Then, O Nanak,
He attains to the state of sahaj.

Eh man nihchal hirdai vasiale
When the mind becomes motionless,

Then, through the master
The primal Being is known.
The breath resides in the navel region;

By the master’s help
One realizes this truth.
The Word abides within,
In its won home;

Through the Word
The light of the three worlds is seen.

The longing for the true Lord
Rids one of one’s anguish,
And one remain satiated
With the love of the true Lord.

The unstruck melody is known
Only through the master;
It is only a rare one
Who knows it true meaning.

Nanak says and speaks
Noth but the truth:
He who is dyed in the true One
Never loses his color.


The Yogis Question

Kit kit bidh yog upjai purkha

How does the world come into being?
How does suffering come to an end?

Nanak Answers

Haumai vich jag upjai purkha

The world comes into being, O man,
Through a sense of individuation.
Suffering comes by forsaking the Name.

The gurumukh practices
On the quintessence of divine knowledge.

The Word burns up his ego.
Purity of the Word
Makes his body and mind pure,
So he merges in the true One.

Through the Name
He remains detached
And he enshrines the Lord
Within him.

Without the Name, O Nanak,
Yoga can never be attained.
Deleiberate in thy mind on this and see.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sidh Gosht

Excerpts from the Sidh Ghost, a dialogue in which the yogis ask some basic questions on Guru Nanak’s spiritual philosophy.

Hati bati nid na avai

Even while living
In towns and near highways
Remain alert; do not covet
Your neighbor’s goods.

Without the Name
The mind is stilled not,
Nor are our appeties assuaged.
As the guru has shown shops and cities

Within the home of this body,
We trade in Truth,
Reposed in the trance of sahaj.

We eat but little,
We sleep but little,
This, saith Nanak,
Is the quitessence of yoga I’ve found.

Let the Lord’s vision by thy coat,
Thy earring and thy wallet, O yogi.
The One alone pervades
The twelve yogas;

There are size systems of philosophy,
But the Path is one.
Is it through this knowledge
That thy mid is tamed
And it suffers no more blows.

Nanak speaks,
But only through the guru
Will you understand;
In this lies the true way of yoga.

Let the Word within thee be thine earrings,
Rid thyself of ego attachment,
As also of lust ad anger;

The Word of the guru
Will give thee this realization.
Behold thou the Lord
Pervading everywhere;

Make this thy wallet, thy coat.
The Lord is True and True is His Name;
He testifies to the Truth of the guru’s Word.

Early Morning

Early one morning after bathing in the Kali Bein, a rivulet flowing by the side of Sultanpur, he disappeared in the nearby forest and, according to Puratan Janamsakhi, he was taken to the presence of the Lord (dargah parmeshar ki). God offered him a cup of nectar (amrit) and charged him with the mission of preaching the glory of His Name. He returned to Sultanpur after three days, to the delight of the local people, who had assumed that he had been drowned in the stream.

Guru Nanak, in his hymns, has identified the Supreme Being with Shabd, as is apparent in the following hymn in Rag Maru:

Thou are the timeless Being
And Time (Kal) is not on Thy head.
Thou art invisible, unfathomable and peerless.
Thou art the blissful melody (Shabd),
Calm and tranquil.
One is attuned to Thee
By immersing oneself in sahaj.
Maru, M.1, p1038

Within the body is the true amritsar
(Pool of nectar),
And through love and devotion
Doth the mind drink of it.
Maru, M.3, p.1046